Junk or Abandoned Car Removal

Junk or Abandoned Car Removal  and Apartment complex car towing and Private Property Service


Are you an apartment manager looking for a towing company?

Do you have abandoned cars on your private property? Do you have a junk car you just want out of your front yard?

832-429-8967 (TOWS)

We tow away unwanted cars on your lot for free! We bring the best results to property owners and managers who are having problems with vehicles parking unauthorized on their lots.  We can provide you all the LEGAL state required signs and make sure that you are FULLY COMPLIANT WITH ALL local and state towing laws.

Call us and we are happy to discuss and situation and give you a truthful, realistic assessment. Most towing companies in Houston that say they can do private property towing are spread so thin throughout the city that more then likely you are looking for a new TOWING SERVICE becasue you or the residents have called and no one showed up.  WE CAN HELP YOU!


We Operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We offer many complimentary services to provide you with convenient and quick solutions to most of your parking problems. By posting clearly visible signs at entrances and secondary locations, we will correct any parking issue. Please contact us today for immediate service in and around the greater Houston area.

832-429-8967 (TOWS)