Car makes CLICKING sound when you try to start?

Does your car make a CLICKING sound when you try to start it?


deadbattery-in houston texas

Most people call us when there car dies in the middle of the road and wants a jump start.   If your car died in the middle of the street and you have no power IT IS NOT YOUR BATTERY.

A JUMPSTART will not solve your problem.  Your alternator is based and that is what keeps the battery charged. A jumpstart will only start it for a few minutes and then the car will die as you drive off.


It is pretty sad. They want a jump and then when it dies they do not want to pay for the service they request.

OUR DRIVERS will advise you the best they can and only offer you services that are needed. If you do not need your car jump started then they wont do it. IT WILL NEED TO BE TOWED.

Our drivers will help you and save you the most money possible. There is no scams or ripoffs with us.  Dont fall for a low price on the phone only to be charged more when they get there.